Privacy policy

We are delighted that you are visiting our website and would like to thank you for your interest in our company, our products and our websites.


We attach a great deal of importance to protecting your personal data when using our websites. For this reason, we comply with all applicable legal provisions governing the protection of personal data and data security.


The following sets out the websites to which this data privacy declaration applies, which data we record, process and use, your access rights to this information and much more. Our data privacy declaration is in a Question and Answer format so that we are able to answer your questions quickly and comprehensively.


1. Which websites do these data privacy provisions apply to?

This data privacy declaration applies to the use of websites (hereafter referred to as "Weidmüller websites") offered by the Weidmüller Group (hereafter referred to as "Weidmüller"). This data privacy declaration does not apply to the linked websites of other services providers. 


2. What is personal data?

Personal data includes the personal and factual details of a certain natural person or a natural person that can be identified. Personal data includes your name, your address, your account, ID or telephone number, your car registration number, your e-mail address or IP addresses. Data that could not be used to identify you (or only with a disproportionate level of effort) is not classed as personal data e.g. data that has been anonymised.


3. Is personal data automatically recorded and processed?

We neither automatically record nor process personal data.

We only collect anonymous information from visitors to our websites, which should help us to improve our customer service. For instance, we record the domains our visitors use to access our websites and follow their activities on our websites. This is totally anonymous, however. This data is used to analyse trends and statistics and in order to offer better customer service.


4. Under what circumstances is personal data also recorded, processed or used?

We record, process and use your personal data only if this is lawful or you have given your consent. We also record, process and use your personal data only if you have provided this data voluntarily. This is the case if you enter person-related data, such as name, postal address, e-mail address or company when requesting a catalogue through our online screens or if you enter into an online contractual agreement with us through our Web shop. This is also the case if you are seeking to pursue a career with Weidmüller and apply online and if you register to receive our Newsletter and transmit the required data for such a registration to us.


5. For what purpose is personal data recorded, processed or used?

We use the personal data you provide solely for the purposes notified and agreed, in other words to process the contract concluded with you, to process your enquiry or your catalogue request.


6. Is personal data used for advertising or market research purposes?

Without your explicit prior consent, we do not use your personal data for advertising or market research purposes.


7. Is personal data forwarded to third parties?

We will only forward or transfer your personal data to third parties if you have expressly given your consent and/or this is necessary to process a contract.

Statutory provisions do, however, mean that in certain exceptional circumstances we are obliged to forward your personal data to third parties. This is the case, for instance, if a criminal offence is suspected or if you are suspected of misusing our website. We are then obliged to forward your data to the respective law enforcement agency.


8. Can I also revoke my consent?

You may revoke the use of your personal data as had been agreed with us, by you, at any time. To do so please contact:


9. Are cookies used on the Weidmüller websites?

We use cookies, i.e. small text files including configuration information, to make it easier for you to use the Weidmüller websites. The used cookies do not include any personal data from you so that your privacy remains protected. They are also deleted once a particular session has been closed (session cookies).


10. Can I ask someone to change my personal data and when is my data deleted?

We basically delete your personal data once it has served the purpose for which it was originally stored. We would, however, like to point out that under certain circumstances statutory retention and accounting obligations mean that we may not yet be able to delete your data. In this case you are, however, entitled to ask for your data to be blocked.

If you would like to ask for your personal data to be changed or deleted, please contact:


11. What happens with my data when using Facebook plugins?

Our website includes plugins from the Social Network, Facebook. These are operated exclusively by Facebook. Within our online presence, the plugins are identified by the so-called "Like" button or the Facebook logo. If you visit a page of our Website that contains such a plugin, your browser establishes a connection to the Facebook servers, as a result of which the content of the plugin is transmitted to your browser and integrated into the displayed page. In this way, information about the visit to our Website is transferred to Facebook. If while visiting our Website you also for instance, have a parallel browser session open where you are logged into your Facebook account, Facebook can assign the visit to our Website to your account. As a result of any active interaction you may make with this plugin, e.g. by clicking on the "Like" button or adding a comment, this information is transferred directly to Facebook and stored there. If you want to prevent such a transfer of data from taking place, then you must log off from your Facebook account before visiting our Website.


Information about the scope and purpose of the data recording by Facebook and how it is processed and used there can be found on the Facebook Data Use Policy page under There you will also find further information concerning your corresponding data protection rights and setting options for the protection of your privacy.


12. What happens with my data when using Twitter?

 Twitter service functions are also integrated in our web pages. These functions are supplied by Twitter Inc., 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA. Through the use of Twitter and the function "Re-Tweet", the websites you visit are linked to your Twitter account and made known to other users. In this way, data is also transmitted to Twitter. Please note that we, as the provider of the pages, do not have any knowledge of the content of the transferred data nor of the usage of such data by Twitter. You can find more information about this on Twitter's Privacy Policy page under


13. What happens when I use hyperlinks to third-party websites?

Our website includes hyperlinks to websites run by other providers. Clicking on these hyperlinks takes you from our website directly to the website of the other providers. This can be identified through the change in the URL, for example. We do not accept any responsibility for the confidential handling of your data on these third-party websites since we cannot influence these companies to comply with the data privacy provisions. This applies particularly with You should find out directly on these websites how these companies handle your personal data.


14. When can I access this data privacy declaration?

You can access and print out this data privacy declaration at any time through the "Privacy Policy" link.


15. Is the data privacy declaration changed from time to time?

Rapid technological development of the Internet and changes to the legal and statutory framework relating to data privacy mean that we occasionally need to adapt our data privacy declaration in line with the new requirements. Please therefore always use the latest data privacy declaration. This data privacy declaration is dated 23 August 2012.

The Internet presence of the Weidmüller Groupe is subject to the Data Protection provisions valid in the Federal Republic of Germany. All recording, saving, usage or transmission of data is done compliant with the valid BDSG provisions.