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Speed and efficiency are crucial when it comes to panel building. Connectivity plays a decisive role in this respect, since wiring costs constitute a basic time factor in panel building. From digital planning through to maintenance and testing during ongoing operation,
Klippon® Connect helps structure your workflows more simply and more productively. Find out what benefits our integrated product range offers you at each phase.

Increased productivity throughout the entire life-cycle

Panel building is a complex process which offers a great deal of scope for optimisation. Starting with digital data from the components and their integration into the standard engineering tools and running, through to simpler maintenance and testing during ongoing operation, Klippon® Connect ensures greater flexibility and efficiency in all these panel building phases. With our integrated range, you can structure your building process more productively from the outset.

The pilot phase is crucial to the success and cost-effectiveness of the entire panel building process. This calls for an intelligent interplay of digital product data and interconnected engineering tools. The Weidmüller Configurator offers you a powerful interface to do precisely that. All product data for your digital planning can be integrated simply into the standard engineering tools and these are then available to you throughout the entire life-cycle. This makes planning not only much more efficient – but is also beneficial in terms of all downstream process steps. In conjunction with our innovative application products, you also benefit from –significant productivity benefits: our tailored connectivity solutions for repeat panel applications means you save a great deal of time with panel planning.

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Simpler planning with the Weidmüller Configurator

Efficient, easy wiring is key to installation. Our products stand out in this respect with their intuitive handling and the clear design. All terminal functions can be distinguished from each other instantly. The pushers for disconnecting the contacts are distinguished from the contact points using colour. So you avoid incorrect wiring – and your processes become much more efficient. All of which saves a huge amount of time during installation.

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Our latest Klippon® Connect products feature standardised test points which make automated testing and checking processes possible. In this way, maintenance and testing tasks can be carried out much more safely and much faster. Moreover, our terminal blocks allow you to put together vibration-resistant, gas-tight connections, which also meet your requirements under harsh conditions – regardless of whether you opt for spring or screw connection technology. Our integral system comprising software, marking and printers provides you with greater panel clarity. This system is not only inherently compatible, but also perfectly harmonised with our panel components.

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