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Your requirements and challenges continually spur us on to come up with new innovations and pioneering solutions from which you benefit as a whole. For over 160 years, we have been synonymous with performance, competence and reliability – and have carried forward this tradition consistently with many achievements in the field of connectivity. Our customers always lie at the heart of all our efforts. Close collaboration with industry helps us develop future-proof, innovative solutions and not only to contribute our connectivity expertise time and again – but to constantly extend it. Find out here what connectivity milestones we have already set.

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1948: Re-establishment in Detmold and a new product innovation

The war forced the Weidmüller textile company to change its production. In 1948, the company C.A. Weidmüller was re-established in Detmold. At the first location in Berlebeck, the first plastic-insulated terminal blocks were produced almost without any mechanisation – a product innovation which replaced fragile porcelain designs, thus revolutionising panel building.

1966: Screw connection terminal with clamping yoke

The development of the screw connection terminal with patented clamping yoke connection constituted a groundbreaking pioneering solution. A connectivity milestone which shaped panel wiring from that time on.

2005: PUSH IN

The PUSH IN connection technology revolutionised the market. An innovation from Weidmüller which enabled much simpler and, above all, faster installation without the use of tools.

2010: First application products

With application-specific, ultra-compact marshalling and potential distribution terminal blocks with PUSH IN connection, Weidmüller rethought signal wiring in process engineering – once again demonstrating its pioneering spirit.

2016: Klippon® Connect

With Klippon® Connect, we offer innovative ideas for extra efficiency in panel planning, installation and operation. Our newly structured terminal block range includes custom-fit application products, new PUSH IN terminals (A-Series) with practical details and process-supporting services such as the Weidmüller Configurator.