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The increasingly complex processes in panel building call for innovative connectivity. Regardless of whether you opt for our application products or the latest PUSH IN terminal blocks from our universal range: with Klippon® Connect, you use sophisticated, innovative products with which you can implement the right solution whatever the application. From the PUSH IN technology with pusher, standardised cross-connections through to the consistent test point. Find out for yourself about the many highlights that our connectivity can offer you.

Turn time into your success factor

  • Up to 50% less time spent on installation
  • Simple modification and extension
  • Faster maintenance work

Our universal modular terminal blocks with PUSH IN technology allow you to speed up your processes. Simple handling together with a construction that is both compact and clear, reduce installation times to a minimum. And thanks to the spring-loaded mounting foot, later modifications and rewiring can also be done quickly and simply without needing any special tools.

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Our new, universal PUSH IN terminal blocks – all benefits at a glance.

Limited space in the panel calls for an increasingly compact terminal block design in order to guarantee the requisite wiring density. Our terminal blocks, with PUSH IN technology, feature coloured pushers to ensure that the installation still remains clear. This means that you can distinguish the contact points from the openings, simply and quickly, to disconnect the conductor. The pushers also ensure finger safety because no electrically conducting parts can be touched.

The pushers complement our new application products for signal wiring (AIO) for greater clarity and time savings

The consistent checking and test point with test adapter makes subsequent maintenance work demonstrably easier. The practical design ensures all terminal block functions can be distinguished from each other simply and so panel installations become much clearer and troubleshooting can be completed in no time at all.

Take a look here at how the consistent test point with our application solution for control voltage distribution ensures much more efficiency

The key to cross-connections is flexibility and functionality. End-to-end cross-connection channels open up a vast array of potential distribution options. The large marking surfaces of the cross-connectors also ensure safety and a clearer design.

Disconnecting the terminal from the terminal rail can pose a challenge in confined panels. The lack of space means it is often very difficult to get the tool into the right position. The double-sided spring-loaded mounting foot also ensures simple, convenient handling when snapping terminal blocks onto and off the terminal rail where space is at a premium – making subsequent modifications easy to perform.

Attaching individual markings can be time-consuming when it comes to large terminal blocks. With our new marker strips, even large numbers of connection points can be marked in a single operation, within a matter of seconds. Our terminal blocks with PUSH IN technology also offer space for very large markers. These features make it easier to find the right contact point, simplifies trouble-shooting, and prevents incorrect wiring in the process.

More clarity with control voltage distribution thanks to clear marker surfaces: read here on the full details of our innovative potential distribution terminal blocks AAP

PUSH IN technology gives you full freedom in the choice of connectable conductors – and opens up a great deal of potential for saving time. Simply plug the conductor into the opening, and you already have a vibration-resistant, gas-tight connection. Thanks to the pusher, even flexible conductors can be connected quickly and easily without the use of tools.

Our innovative application products are compelling thanks to PUSH IN technology that offers maximum flexibility

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